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It all started with university jihad. The day that lovely man, who was the director of the Jihad Information Technology Center and also our teacher at ICDL, advised all members of the class that we could count on website design as a specialized and progressing profession to continue on the path. From those days of 2017 , I participated in the classes of dear Mr Nasser Khaki and got acquainted with the generalities of website design. After that, I was engaged in SEO and learning for a year, and for a while I went to work for one of the most professional SEO workers in the country, Parsa Aminzadeh, in Tabanshahr company.

But the path of be web designer and developer was not complete yet, so I went to the one of the best front end teacher in our country, namely Parsa Ghorbaniyan, to be with him through all the steps of becoming a Front End developer . Now I can say that I ( Seyed Mojtaba Marashian ) am , an SEO master and front and developer

My Skill

HTML5 & Css3
Java script & jquery
Sass & Less
mojtaba marashian


What Can I Do

How good it is to be able to accept website design projects and also do whatever is expected of a front-end developer

What Service You Can Get

Up to Date!!

It is very important that the design of your website is up to date. This is an art that you can use the most beautiful designs

Fully Responsive

Bootstrap & Knowledge of responsive design rules is one of the principles of a good front end developer

Boot code

Everything should be clean, even coding. Looking at a clean code can be as enjoyable as sipping a bitter espresso in cold weather.

SEO Base

Many programmers do not believe in SEO knowledge. But i think google & people also it's important


Project Gallery

Portfolio like a showcase of a front end developer, hope you see it and enjoy

My Latest Portfolio Gallery


Petshop Website

paid corporative website

Paid Corporative Website

Hosting Corporative Website

Hosting Corporative Website

corporative website

BMI Calculator



Service Pricing

As a freelancer, you don't have to incur additional costs such as renting a company and etc that you have to pay a web design company to do web design services, but I will calculate the price of the highest quality web design with you because you deserve the best

How Much Is My Service Cost


/CMS Website

Web design
  • High speed hosts
  • Respobsive
  • Advanced admin panel
  • Payment gateway
  • SEO Base
  • Increase speed and compression

/1 Month Package

  • The best tariffs and prices
  • Regular monthly report
  • Content production consulting
  • Optimization and professional SEO
  • Professional keyword research
  • Visit increase

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You definitely do not know how long I am waiting for your messages, comments and calls

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Iran, Tehran

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